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Bangor College of CSUFT

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Welcome to Bangor College of CSUFT

Bangor College of CSUFT – Changsha, China

Truly Unique International University to Cultivate Financial Talents

Truly Unique International University to Cultivate Financial Talents

Truly Unique International University

Founded in 2013 and resulting from a partnership between the Central South University of Forestry & Technology (one of China's leading universities) and the Bangor University, it is the first Sino-British university in Hunan Province, exploring new educational models for China.

Bangor College captures the essence of its respected parent universities and its version is to help you develop skills, knowledge, abilities, etc. in the field of finance. Students from China and other countries have the opportunity to learn Finance, Accounting and Electronics Engineering which are the most famous courses in Bangor University, UK. And graduates from Bangor College will receive 2 degrees from CUSFT and Bangor College and have the chance to study in Bangor University for postgraduate level.

Bangor College establish a beautiful campus with excellent support and resource facilities for both studying and living. Students here will enjoy a thriving campus life and a once in a lifetime experience. And each student is arranged with a Personal Tutor and they will get professional, personalized and humane services through academic career mentor team, academic tutoring and counseling team, psychological counseling service team, foreign affairs advisory team, language learning centers and so on.

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