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Bangor College of CSUFT

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Freshmen Guide

Bangor College of CSUFT – Changsha, China

Fee & Payment

1) Fee Amount

The tuition fee for Electronic and Information Engineering is RMB39000/year, Finance RMB38000/year and Accounting RMB38000/year. The accommodation fee for single room is RMB12000/year while double room is RMB6000/year. Other fees like application fee(Non-Refundable) is RMB400, registration fee RMB300, book fee RMB1600, insurance fee RMB600/year and students have to pay RMB2400 for four years when they register in the college.

2) Payment Methods for Tuition Fee (All other fees should pay in cash.)

Payment Methods

Accept or Not

Additional Charge






See 3) for how to bring money to China.




Credit Card





Debit Card





Travel Check





Bank Transfer Overseas





3) Three Ways for bringing Money to China.

A . Western Union Money Transfer. It’s easy to send and receive money via this way. See steps below.

Sending money
Step1 Fill in the "To send Money" form at any Western Union® Service Provider location counter.
Step2 Present the completed form, along with the money you wish to send and the transfer fee, and your identification documentation as required.
Step3 After completing the money transfer, you will receive a receipt with a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). Inform the receiver of the sender’s name, approximate amount sent, MTCN, and country where the money was sent from. Do not disclose the MTCN to anyone other than your receiver.
Step4 Within minutes, the money you sent will be available for pay out to the named receiver at any Western Union Service Provider location in the destination country.
Receiving money
Step1 Be sure that money is sent through an authorized Western Union Service Provider. You need to confirm with your sender necessary information, such as sender’s name, approximate amount sent, MTCN, and country where the money was sent from.
Step2 Once the sender notifies you that the money has been sent, go to the nearest Western Union Service Provider location.
Step3 Fill in the “To Receive Money” from, and present the completed from along with your identification documentation as required.
Step4 Collect your money and receipt.

B. Travel Check.

You need to consult your local bank for related information, such as when and how to withdraw money from banks in China and the additional charge for withdrawing money.

C. International Money Transfer.

When you arrive in China, you can process a bank card using your passport, and then ask your family to send money to your account. And you need to consult the bank about the transfer rate and international exchange supporting.