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Bangor College of CSUFT

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Freshmen Guide

Bangor College of CSUFT – Changsha, China

By Taxi

The most convenient way to get to Bangor College of CSUFT from the airport is by taxi.

From Changsha Huanghua International Airport:
It will take you about 30 minutes and 76 RMB by day and 85 RMB at night to go from the Huanghua International Airport to Bangor College of CSUFT.

Distance: About 27.2 KM

(The information is a reference, and the actual price is subject to change.)

The charge standard of the taxi in daytime is: RMB3 for the first kilometer (0.6 mile); RMB4 for 1-1.5 kilometers (0.6-0.9 mile); RMB5 for 1.5-2 kilometers (0.9-1.2miles); RMB6 for 2-2.5 kilometers (1.2-1.6 miles); RMB7 for 2.5-3 kilometers (1.6-1.9 miles); above 3 kilometers, RMB1.8 is charged for each succeeding kilometer. The standard nighttime applies between 21:00 and 05:00: within 3 kilometers (including 3 kilometers), RMB1 is added for each distance covered based on the daytime standard; above 3 kilometers, RMB2.16 is charged for each succeeding kilometer. Legal taxis are standard managed, licensed and metered and look just as the one in the following picture. "Black Cab" means unlicensed and unmetered, and you are not recommended to take those ones.

It's not customary to tip the driver, but you'd better ask for receipts.

Airport Shuttle Bus

Route: Huanghua International Airport →Bangor College of CSUFT

Service Time:6:00-22:00, it sets out every 20 minutes

Cost:RMB 15

Destination:  Civil Aviation Hotel

Route Map>>

Tips: After you get off at the destination, you can take the bus No. 7 to Bangor College of CSUFT.