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Bangor College of CSUFT

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Freshmen Guide

Bangor College of CSUFT – Changsha, China

Registration Guidance

Freshmen Guide

Freshmen Guide

Registration Process

1. Arrival:
Registration Date: Sep.20 - Oct. 10GMT+8 for fall semester
Registration Place: No.4 Graduate Building, CUSTF

2. Get Registration Guide:
Can get registration guide or registration help from the registration place

3. Finish Registration:
Normally, you can finish the registration successfully after you get registration guide or help from the registration place. However, you might encounter troubles if you don't prepare well. Below are the important notes for your registration.

Note: If you fail to register within the time limit without the permission of the university, you will be rejected.

Important Notes

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Original Documents Needed

1) Admission Documents:

  • Admission Notice and JW 202 form (For students with X/F visa)
  • Printed e-offer (For students with L visa)
  • No need to bring any admission documents (For students with L visa who don't have admission package or e-offer)

2) Physical Examination Certificate (For students whose study length is more than 6 months)

3) Academic Documents of Highest Education, include transcripts and graduation certificate. (For degree study students)

4) Passport

5) Passport Photos (5-6 copies of the photo, the same size as in the passport)

6) Temporary Residence Permit. (For students who live on campus or hotel, the university or the hotel will issue you a temporary residence permit; for students who rent house outside campus, these students should get it from the local Public Bureau.)

Residence Permit

Students have to apply the Residence Permits within 30 days after he enter China. (Apply After Registration)

  • For students who live on campus or hotel, the university or the hotel will issue you a temporary residence permit, and the university will provide help for these students to get the residence permit.
  • For students who rent house outside campus, they should go to the Public Burea within 24 hours after enter China. And the public bureau will give details about the residence permit processing.